About Us

ACSDB is a provider of custom Microsoft Access solutions to clients across North America. Over the last 14 years, we have served a wide range of clients, ranging from small business owners to government institutions. Our headquarters is located in Toronto, Canada. 90% of our clients are located outside of Toronto. If you are new to Access, we can help you get started correctly from the start; this will greatly minimize maintenance costs in the future. If you have an existing system that requires updates, we can advise you on your options of either patching your existing system or overhauling the system. In the past, we have also helped other developers with advanced issues.

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Our Services

We offer the full range of Microsoft Access services. Here is an overview of our services:

New Database Development

New to Access? We can start you on the right track! We will work with you to define your dataset and to determine the best way to store it, query it, and create reports from it. Since we create custom database systems, we can cater it to match your business workflow.

Database Maintenance

Have an existing Access database? We provide a wide range of upgrading and maintenance services! We can add and modify features, and fix bugs. We also offer complete overhauls of legacy systems. Is your database database running slow? We can help.


Business 2 Business! We welcome all subcontracting work! We can help you with all aspects of Access development.


Do you need to know if Access is the right choice for you? We can analyze your requirements and advise you on your best options.

Data Import/Export

If you need to push a large set of data into Access, or extract data out of Access, we can help.

Data Manipulation/Analysis

We can also help transform your data in the back-end in bulk to save you time. We can also help you analyse your data.

Why Access

Microsoft Access is the most popular desktop database application used by companies around the world.

Great as a Local Database

Microsoft Access is a great tool for managing locally-stored data, either within a local network or on the same computer. While it can be shared over the internet, performance lags tremendously, and is not the recommended solution in that case. Microsoft Access could have alternative back-ends, including Microsoft Sharepoint, and SQL Server; in these cases, reliability of the software greatly depends on network connectivity.

Quick and Cheap to Set Up

If you need to have your database created yesterday, this may be the perfect solution for you. Microsoft Access has a fairly quick development life-cycle, and you can rapidly get up and running with your data collection and analysis, when compared to other alternatives. It is also affordable and easy to maintain and update.

Great Built-in Querying and Reporting Functionality

Microsoft Access has advanced set of querying tools to aid in data analysis. Reports templates can be created for automated reporting and document/letter generation.

Integration with Existing Microsoft Tools

Being a Microsoft Product, Access integrates well with other Microsoft applications, such as Word, Excel, or outlook. Whether you need data exported as Word document, an Excel workbook, or attached as PDF into an auto-generated Outlook email, you will be able to do it easily with Microsoft Access.


Since Microsoft Access is part of Microsoft Office suite, as well as available as a standalone. It is readily available and cheap to obtain. You may already have it installed on your computer, and are ready to go! Even if you do not have Microsoft Access, there is a free runtime version of Access available from Microsoft which will allow you to use an Access database. There is nothing more affordable than free :)


Microsoft Access is the most widely-used desktop database system in the world. This means that there is a ton of support available for it. It is backed by the biggest software corporation in the world, namely, Microsoft.

Perfect for Small Groups

Microsoft Access can be used concurrently by several users, but performs best when the number active users are less than 15; above that, you would experience certain lags. Most clients would not likely have more than 15 concurrent users at any point in time, even if the total number of users greatly exceeds 15.

Our Pricing

We like to keep things simple! Our rate is $50 per hour, whether you just need 1 hour, and 100 hours.

Flat Rate


per hour

Contact Us

You may e-mail us at acsdb@outlook.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

Yes. Hourly billing works for most clients, however some of our clients have very fixed budgets; in these cases, we work closely with the client to derive a flat rate fee, based on an estimated amount of effort required. This would involve agreeing on a specific set of features and functions to be development, in order to define project scope accurately. Either way, we are committed to our clients, and ensure that they are happy with the product they receive at a price they can afford.
We provide discounts to non-profit/charity organizations, and academic or religious institutions. Please contact us for details.
This varies from project to project. Clearly, more complex work demands more effort. Generally, databases that are created by us from scratch will be faster to maintain, than updating databases designed by other developers. We adhere to good software engineering practices, and as such are committed to producing quality products. Over the years, we have found that many others providing Access development services do not necessarily upkeep the same level of quality standards as us. If you are starting a new database, we highly recommend you start with us, as it will save you maintenance burdens in the long run.
Our preferred methods of payments are PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. These payment methods are instant, and significantly reduce delays in the project, specifically as related to billing phases that are interdependent for continuation of work. In special circumstances, we do accept other payment methods, such as cheques and cash. Basically, if you need to pay us, we will make it happen!
We are based in Toronto, Canada. We have served clients across Canada and the United States. On-site visits has thus far not been necessary in 99% of our projects. We may be open to on-site visits, given travel arrangements are taken care of by you (e.g. flight, hotel, etc)
All work is done remotely. Database file is transferred via email, or file sharing solutions such as Dropbox as a zipped archive. On-site service may be available, at the time/travel costs applicable to the client.
We would be more than happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to reassure you that your confidentiality is our priority.
All versions! That includes Microsoft Access 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000, and even 97.
We provide drafts of the work during development and at the end of development. We expect that clients test the software while development is ongoing. Issues/changes that are discovered after the final project payment, are billed separately. As such, AcsDb provides no warranty for submitted work submitted.
We are based in Toronto, Canada. While we do not offer routine on-site support, special arrangements may be made if necessary, at the cost of the client.
No, unfortunately at this time we do not offer phone support. All communication must be in writing via e-mail, for tracking purpose.